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Who are we?


Dear friends and future patients of SuvinClinic!

I am happy to welcome you to our clinic, where caring for your health and hair beauty becomes our inspiration. My name is Dr. Carlos Suvin, and as the Chief Medical Officer of Suvin Clinic, I am proud to be your guide to the world of caring for your hair.

At SuvinClini, we strive to ensure that every patient feels not only treated, but also restored, gaining confidence and joy from healthy hair. Our team of exceptional hair care professionals and trichologists work with you to provide a personalized and effective path to the beauty and health of your hair.

I am confident that your experience at SuvinClini will be not only productive, but also enjoyable. We provide not only advanced treatment methods, but also create an atmosphere of care and trust in which each patient feels special.

If you have questions or need assistance, our friendly team is always ready to help. Thank you for your trust in SuvinClinic. We are ready to share with you the joy of healthy and beautiful hair!

Why choose us?


Individual Approach


Innovation and Technology

#Our events

Hair Care Day

Join us for our annual hair care event! Expect professional consultations, free treatment demonstrations and special offers on hair care products.

Presentation of New Technologies

We are always one step ahead in the world of hair care. Attend our events to discover the latest technology and innovation in hair care.

Special Events for Patients

We organize events dedicated to our patients, where you can exchange experiences, share success stories and receive additional bonuses from our clinic.


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