About Us

#Our History

In 2005, in the heart of Germany, the amazing history of SuvinClinic began - a place where beauty and hair health care became a single art. This story began with a simple but powerful idea: to create a clinic where everyone can find not only beautiful hair, but also complete health of their hair.


In these early days, the founders of SuvinClinic, [Names of Founders], inspired by their passion for the beauty and health care industry, decided to combine their experience and knowledge to create a place where every person could find confidence in their hair.


Over time, SuvinClinic has grown and evolved to become a place where modern technology meets the art of style and care. Our team of trichologists, grooming specialists, stylists and surgeons work to provide our patients with personalized and effective solutions.


Our mission

Hair Health Restoration

We are committed to providing cutting-edge methods and technologies to restore healthy hair, ensuring optimal scalp health and promoting natural hair growth.

Providing Confidence

Beautiful and healthy hair is a source of confidence. We strive to not only treat, but also inspire our patients, helping them gain confidence in their natural beauty.

Individualized Approach

At SuvinClinic we understand that every patient is unique. Our mission is to provide personalized solutions, taking into account individual needs and desires.

Education and Support

We strive to be not only a clinic, but also a source of knowledge. Educating and supporting our patients in hair care is part of our mission.


At SuvinClinic, we are proud of our outstanding team of professionals who are dedicated to the art of restoring and improving the health of your hair. Each member of our team embodies values, empathy and excellence

Andrey Muller

Laser Therapy Expert

Andrey Müller is our specialist in innovative laser therapy that helps restore healthy hair and stimulate hair growth.

A confident female doctor smiles at the camera while standing with her arms crossed. A colleague and a patient are talking in the background.
Dr. Karina Stein


Our leading trichologist, Dr. Karina Stein, combines in-depth knowledge of hair health with an exceptional understanding of aesthetics. Her expert guidance provides your hair with trusted care and personalized attention.

Maria Lopez

Care Specialist

Maria Lopez is our inspiring hair specialist, providing personalized treatments and advice for effective hair care.